Shanghai Publishes Chinese Menu in English

How to say "油条(youtiao)", "汤圆(tangyuan)" or "咕咾肉(gulao rou)" in English? Can we say "粽子(glutinous rice)", "元宵(sweet soup balls)" or驴打滚(glutinous rice rolls with sweet bean flour) as "Dumplings"? Earlier, the first Chinese Menu in English was published in Shanghai's Xujiahui. The Menu stated the official English translation for 2860 dishes.

The Chinese Menu in English, the "first" such publication in Shanghai, names 2860 dishes in English. The principle is to state out in plain English the preparation of the dishes, what are the ingredients, said an executive with the Shanghai Restaurants Association. Some translations use the name of a person or place, or use pinyin as one way to show the Chinese cuisine. The fried meat dumplings, a breakfast favorite of Shanghaiese, are translated as "Guotie" in pinyin , also "Youtiao" for fried bread sticks.