Document Translation
Maintaining our hard work and going to great length to find industry specific terms means that we earn the loyalty from many customers(State Council Development and Research Center, Motorola, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Academy of Sciences, P&G). We deliver cost-effective and quality translation services through our flexible and friendly arrangement. We’ll build team of translators to support large volume projects all the way from translation, proof-reading, typesetting to publishing.



Our database houses a network of experienced interpreters who are available for both short and long-term assignments upon request. Thanks to their expertise, the Company gains wide acceptance, while our customers are well-received in the public as well.


Consecutive Interpreting
Interpreter steps in to render what was said into target language after speaker pauses, usually in informal interaction, small settings, Over-the-Phone interpretation and testimony.


Simultaneous Interpreting
Simultaneous Interpreting is most frequently used for large conferences and live TV broadcast. We have years of experience to offer packaged interpretation services for situations involving international audiences with interpreters knowledgeable in the subject matter, training of interpreter, installation and rental of equipment.


Complementary to our translation services, we provide multi-lingual voice-over services to audio, video or film. We have a large selection of artists in male and female voices especially for high-end sound studio and digital sound production. Script is translated under our expert's advice into target language before recording takes place. Our past experience covers voice-over for TV, radio, translation and dubbing for phone services in State-owned banks and mobile companies.